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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Fuller & Sons

At Fuller & Sons we take the time to answer all our Customers questions.

Here is a selection of basic questions which are frequently asked.

However, do not hesitate to contact Fuller & Sons who will answer any further questions. In addition, it is possible for a Representative from Fuller & Sons to conduct a Site Visit and Inspection, in order to address more complicated queries.


  How much will it cost?  

Surprisingly less than you think !

All prices will be subject to a Survey by Fuller & Sons.
A Representative from Fuller & Sons will undertake a free Site Visit and Inspection on request.
However, a complete Renovation of a typical semi-detached BISF house, including:

  1. New lightweight roofing
  2. New fascias, soffits, eaves, gutters and downpipes
  3. Ventilated Cladding system to upper storey
  4. New Windows and Doors

- Could cost under £ 25,000

Individual Prices for any of the above can be provided on request

Fuller & Sons will Guarantee to undercut any other genuine Quotations for fitting similar quality materials, by £ 500


Can you use Cladding for the Renovation of both old buildings and new buildings?



Yes, ventilated Cladding facades can be fitted to any buildings and will enhance the external architectural appeal of your property.


How will Cladding improve my house?


Fitting ventilated Cladding systems to your house will:

  1. Increase the value
  2. Enhance the external appeal
  3. Improve the durability
  4. Extend the lifespan of the house
  5. Cut down on noise
  6. Provide weatherproof barriers
  7. Reduce condensation and humidity

Keep the house warmer in Winter, and cooler in Summer

  If we have Cladding fitted now, will we have problems in the future when we want to replace our Windows and Doors?  

The Cladding system provides special customised surrounds to trim and finish around all your Window and Door reveals.

These are held in place with secret fixings, and can easily be removed. The old Windows and Doors can then be removed, new ones fitted, and then the Cladding surrounds can be re-fixed to provide the same clean and crisp edges to the reveals.

  Does Cladding stop the house from “breathing”?  

Your house will be protected from adverse weather conditions, yet provided with a natural climatic barrier, when fitted with curtain-type ventilated Cladding systems.

The external facade is not placed directly onto the external wall, but is separated by timber or aluminium framing, which creates an Insulation space. This allows continuous air circulation between the facade and the wall, which discharges humidity and cold, while drying up moist building fabric.

    Water proofing

Diagram to show Insulation and Air Flow.

Diagram to show air circulation between the facade and the external wall.

  Will Cladding keep my house dry?  

Ventilated Cladding systems will keep your house dry and weatherproof externally, while protecting against a build-up of internal humidity and condensation.


  Will Cladding keep my house warm?  

Additional thermal Insulation beneath the Cladding facade, keeps the house warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

This will create the perfect room climate and save energy, too.

Diagram to show how cladding reflects the warmth back in and allows mostur out into the void between the cladding and the original building.


  Will fitted Cladding cut down on noise problems?  

Cladding facades will eliminate 5 to 10 decibels of external noise, which means at least 25 % more silence!


  Will Cladding affect the lifespan of my house?  


Cladding facades will reduce the thermal load, and so sustainably protect the fabric of the building. This should improve the durability and extend the life expectancy of your property



Question to you,
the Customer!!

How can we afford to NOT Renovate our house?
Many BISF houses were built  just after the War for the returning Troops,  as “Homes Fit for Heroes.”

Over 50 years ago, 160,000 prefabs were built to ease the housing crisis generated by WWII bombing raids, and the return of thousands of troops. These houses were intended to last only ten years, but thousands are still standing.

After many years of service, ask your self "how can we afford to not renovate our house?.



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