Fuller & Sons

The main issue with a Mobile home park is there are many different suppliers of vans and although the design and sizes are very similar the different materials means some wear well and some not so well, you then add in the area under the vans, which is where owners store all sorts of items, so in a matter of months the site starts to look shabby and then this turns off new owners.

Fuller & Sons has worked with a number of site owners to supply cheap and quick to install cladding around the base of all vans on a single site, instantly transforming it form a shabby site into a clean tidy site.

The installation is simple, a wood frame (pressure treated wood) is installed and then the cladding is attached to this and then access doors added and then cleaning up all done in days, rather than traditional bricks with al that mess and time and costs.

What are you waiting for contact Fuller & Sons now to discuss, who we can help you raise the potential and profitability of your site. .